Neuropathy Support Network

The Network for Neuropathy Support, Inc., dba Neuropathy Support Network is a Florida based 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to actively supporting patients, care givers and families affected by ALL forms of Peripheral Neuropathy. The Network supports the implementation of the missions of all organizations reaching out to raise awareness and hope to all neuropathy patients. The Network holds the copyright (2010-2014) to the DVD production of “Coping with Chronic Neuropathy” that was developed by professional volunteers, seven with neuropathy, to encourage and empower neuropathy patients world-wide. The founding director is Eugene B. Richardson BA, MDiv, EdM, MS (Counseling Psychology), LtCol, USA (Retired). He is a retired Vice President of Operations for Westminster Services of Orlando, Florida (formally Presbyterian Retirement Services). Review our Volunteer Board of Directors and Advisors

Col Richardson receiving bi-monthly infusion of IVIg

Col Richardson receiving bi-monthly
infusion of IVIg

Our founder…
Col Eugene Richardson (USA) retired

To read the Colonel’s story titled “One Man’s Journey with Neuropathy” click here

Col Richardson is a twenty-seven year military veteran and veteran of the Vietnam War, diagnosed with a progressive chronic peripheral neuropathy resulting in severe disability. This diagnosis has been confirmed as due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam (67-68) by his treating neuromuscular neurologist. It was not until 2010, 42 years after his exposure to Agent Orange, that his diagnosis was recognized by Veterans Affairs as service connected.

2014 Neuropathy Support Network Accomplishments

The Network responded to over 6,000 E-mail requests for help in the neuropathy patients search for informational, educational resources, including referrals to qualified neuromuscular neurologists. The total number of the Neurologist endorsed DVD titled “Coping with Chronic Neuropathy” sent to patients around the world has now exceeded 8,000 copies. The website has been updated to include not only the neuropathy support network, but a Neuropathy Journal with hundreds of patient friendly articles on neuropathy from the patient’s point of view.

Hundreds of Veterans exposed to Agent Orange were provided help not only with neuropathy, but with the facts regarding the “early on-set at 10% disabling levels required by current VA law”, as this requirement was for the decades medicine could not recognize or diagnose neuropathy!

Standards for Charitable Accountability

In 2014 the NSN in compliance charitable accountability, spent a total of 94.6 cents of every dollar contributed on Program Activities. This is 29.6 cents more than the accepted standard of only 65 cents, which underlies NSN’s strong commitment to helping those afflicted with neuropathy!

Our Mission

The NSN mission is to advocate for, empower, support, and educate the public, professionals and neuropathy patients, with practical educational information on Peripheral Neuropathy using a patient to patient network with medical professional oversight.

Our Core Values

The Neuropathy Support Network is committed to the following values that determine our thinking and actions in all that we attempt to accomplish.

COMMITMENT TO TREATING PATIENTS WITH RESPECT: Every neuropathy patient deserves the highest respect in their personal struggle with Peripheral Neuropathy. Patient respect will improve the prospects of a good doctor-patient partnership. Patient respect will strengthen the patient in their struggle with neuropathy, helping their body’s natural healing power.

COMMITMENT TO THE DOCTOR-PATIENT PARTNERSHIP: Knowing that a better-informed patient is often able to play a vital role in their care; we will encourage this partnership between doctors and patients. This is especially the case with the peripheral neuropathies, for which effective management of the disease can be enhanced through patient education and involvement.

COMMITMENT TO PATIENT EDUCATION AND SUPPORT GROUPS: Knowing that an educated and informed patient is better equipped to work as a partner with their doctor, we encourage all patients to educate themselves by reading the current patient education books on the disease and coping methods of living given the impact of neuropathy on our lives. We fully support the patient support group networks as patients learn what works for others and then discover the power of sharing these ideas with other patients.

COMMITMENT TO ACTIVE LISTENING: Believing the patient at face value is a relational tool critical to our ability to complete our mission with the neuropathy patient. Therefore, knowing that there may or may not be available tests or tools to confirm objective data in some neuropathy patients, it is critical that we actively listen to the patient’s information and complaints, as it may be the only tool available to make a diagnosis early on, as well as having the calming effect on the patient who will perceive that someone cares with affirmation of their neuropathy.

COMMITMENT TO THOUGHTFUL REVIEW OF THE PATIENT’S MEDICAL HISTORY: We value the complete and serious review of the patient’s medical history, testing results, history of onset, pattern of symptoms, as this is critical to understanding, diagnosing or possibility treating their neuropathy.

COMMITMENT TO PAIN MANAGEMENT: We value a commitment to pain management for the neuropathy patient. This task is all too often frustrating for patient and doctor alike, as this task involves patient trial and error in searching for drugs, combination of drugs, professional counseling, physical therapy and all other means for pain management, which might work for each individual patient.

COMMITMENT TO DIAGNOSIS, FINDING THE CAUSE, and TREATMENTS: We are committed to encouraging doctors to go beyond pain management to do everything medically possible to diagnose, find the cause or determine what treatments might be available for the neuropathy patient.

COMMITMENT TO HONEST FEEDBACK BY DOCTORS TO PATIENTS: We are committed to honest discussions with the patient concerning what has been found by testing, what it means OR does not mean and what might be done for the patient.

COMMITMENT TO FOLLOWUP: We are committed to supporting follow up for treatment to insure the patient is getting the help they need.

COMMITMENT TO CURRENT MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE FOR PROFESSIONALS AND PATIENTS: We are committed to supporting training for doctors and all health care professionals in the field of diagnosis and treatment of the neuropathies. It is critical that health care professionals are current in the newest findings, diagnostic tools, diagnostic tests, or tools for diagnosis or understanding the current insights into symptoms and disease syndromes.

COMMITMENT TO NEUROPATHY RESEARCH: We are committed to supporting neuropathy research to find better pain management tools, diagnostic tools, preventative measures, and treatment modalities for causes within the clinical setting.