Guidelines for Veterans -VA Law – “Agent Orange and Peripheral Neuropathy”

Guidelines for Veterans - Agent Orange and Peripheral NeuropathyThe VA has implemented a new law recognizing early-onset chronic peripheral neuropathy on its list of diseases presumed to be related to Agent Orange (AO) exposure. (Federal Register #19634 – Aug 10, 2012). This means veterans exposed to AO, who can prove they were on the ground in Vietnam or Korea, who had symptoms at least 10% disabling as defined by the VA, within one year after exposure, would be approved for service connected compensation and treatment without having to prove the connection between Agent Orange and Chronic Neuropathy. However, the early on-set requirement at a 10% disability level within one year following exposure is a bogus requirement in the new VA law, as medical science did not have the means to diagnose or recognize the symptoms of neuropathy in those decades, during or following the war.  … READ MORE

Veterans and Agent Orange

Agent Orange and Peripheral NeuropathyNote #1: A principle to remember: Lack of proof of a connection between a medical condition and a cause in medicine, is never proof that there is no connection. This is where the legal principle of reasonable doubt and the recognized principle of high probability enter the equation.

Lesson Learned: Never give up the ship or the fight!

Note #2: A principle to remember: “If you ask three neurologists one question about neuropathy, you will get twelve answers.”

Lesson Learned: If you are an intelligent person, do not try to make sense out of all you are told by several doctors.

Help in Filing Affidavits

Sample Legal Documents for Veterans exposed to Agent OrangeIn the event you do not qualify on a presumptive basis and file for compensation on a direct basis, the following information in this booklet may be very helpful. For help with filing affidavits and dealing with the VA download the booklet A Guide to Successful Legal Cases and Affidavits Used by Veterns….(right click on link and choose “save target as”) which will show you samples of affidavits and the logic used in court hearings by the VA resulting in approval of the connection between Agent Orange exposure and a Chronic Peripheral Neuropathy.


Helpful Articles

The Dark Shadow of Agent OrangeThe Dark Shadow of Agent Orange By this ill-conceived policy we provided the communists in Vietnam the moral basis to win, if even by default. While my best friend Dr. Poff as we knew him and others worked to win the minds and hearts of the Vietnamese people, providing medical help to the Vietnamese, our leaders were spraying on all of us, a legacy of horror, for many in Vietnam and for the veterans who fought in that war… READ MORE

Air Force C-123 fliers exposed to Agent Orange Recognized by IOMAir Force C-123 fliers exposed to Agent Orange Recognized by IOM! Retired Air Force Maj. Wes Carter joined by the members of the C-123 Veterans Association worked for years to have the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) recognize illnesses they’ve… READ MORE

Facts About Intravenous Gamma Globulin Facts About Intravenous Gamma Globulin (Article 1 of 12)By LtCol Eugene B Richardson, USA (Retired) BA, M.Div., Ed.M., MS (Counseling) and patient with CIDP/Autonomic Peripheral Neuropathy for over 45 years due to Agent Orange… READ MORE

2012 Veteran Shares AO and PN Approval2012 Veteran Shares AO and PN Approval! Rev. Larry K. Loree Sr., US Army, 68th Med Group, combat medic, Vietnam Vet 1966-67 writes: Several years ago I communicated with you by email, then again about one year ago after you… READ MORE

Agent Orange Continues Its Toll on VeteransAgent Orange Continues Its Toll on Veterans While many highly respected neurologists continue to deny that Agent Orange could cause chronic neuropathy, finally in 2012 the VA began to recognize the obvious about chronic neuropathy and Agent Orange with the recognition by the National Institute of Health… READ MORE

List of Navy Ships VA Presumptive for Agent Orange ExposureList of Navy Ships VA Presumptive for Agent Orange Exposure The VA just recently added some U.S. Navy ships to the list where presumptive exposure to Agent Orange is recognized during the Vietnam War. If you have already submitted a claim for… READ MORE

VA final ruling for presumptive Peripheral Neuropathy due to AO ExposureVA final ruling for presumptive Peripheral Neuropathy due to AO Exposure The VA final ruling effective September 6, 2013 follows the Institute of Medicine recommended changes of 2010, as published in the VA proposal. The ruling does note the veteran’s legal… READ MORE


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