• A story of hope and courage as told from the perspective of the real world of the Neuropathy patient.–Thomas H. Brannagan III, MD, Neurologist, Director Neuropathy Center of Excellence, Columbia University, NYC

  • What you've created is a remarkably effective message - informative and motivational, wrenching and unforgettable.–Jim Gardner PhD, Associate Professor, Penn State University Graduate of the West Point Military Academy

  • I highly recommend Coping with Chronic Neuropathy . . . to peripheral neuropathy patients and their families and medical care providers.–Jori Reijonen, Ph.D., BellaOnline's Neuromuscular Diseases Editor

  • When it comes to dealing with neuropathy, having the right support is critical and this DVD is a great place to start!–Waden E. Emery III, MD, FAAN Neuromuscular, Neurologist The Emery Neuroscience Center, Lighthouse Point, FL


Coping with Chronic Neuropathy…

Coping with Neuropathy - Living with Neuropathya real life story full of information, hope, humor and challenge. The 2014 revision of this production is introduced by Dominick Spatafora (Neuropathy Patient) Founder and President of the Neuropathy Action Foundation in Los Angeles, California. The seminar is endorsed and recommend by Alan Berger MD FAAN, Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Neurology, UF Health@Jacksonville; by Thomas Brannagan MD FAAN, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology, Columbia University, NYC; and by practicing Neuromuscular Neurologist Waden Emery MD FAAN of Lighthouse Point, FL. You will not only learn what Peripheral Neuropathy is, but you will also learn what it is not. This is important if you are to avoid lots of snake oil exaggerated promises and claims of magic cures.

Surviving beyond the challenges of the disease is the theme throughout, with insights shared on how to use anger as power, while facing the question of “why me”, yet holding onto the fun from your inner child. Discussed is the power of faith, increasing your neuropathy knowledge, getting and giving patient support, and learning to adapt to the changes neuropathy brings to lives – while remaining focused on getting help for your neuropathy.

Critical issues such as getting support from the doctor, family and from the work place are topped off with a chapter on the reality of a patient’s world and the importance of finding a secret place of peace. The seminar leaders poem “When is it Enough?” inspires us, read to the music from “You Lift Me Up” while his two supporting doggies bring the DVD to a close. Request your copy by filling out the form on the right, be sure to include your full mailing address.

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  1. William  January 14, 2017

    It has been 4 years since my stroke. We my neurophysiology ever go away?

  2. Rosemarie Masson  October 28, 2016

    I would really like to get this DVD online but don’t wish to join Facebook. Is there some other way I can download it, please. Thank you.

    • LtCol Eugene B Richardson, BA, M.Div., EdM, MS
      LtCol Eugene B Richardson, BA, M.Div., EdM, MS  November 21, 2016

      Rosemarie: Send an E mail to gene@neuropathysupportnetwork.org with your full name and mailing address and we will send a copy of the DVD!

  3. ColEugene
    ColEugene  April 17, 2015

    Hi Abderrahim, thank you for contacting us.

    We have been getting a huge demand for the DVD “Coping with Chronic Neuropathy”, so we have decided to make it easier for people to see it. In the next 2 to 3 weeks you will be able to stream the DVD online from the Neuropathy Support Network website. So please check back with us. As soon as the videos go up, we will make an announcement on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/neuropathysupportnetwork ). Thank you and best wishes

    • Dottie Little  September 24, 2016

      It’s Sept. 21 and I would like to stream the
      DVD “Coping with Neiropathy” on the neuropathysupport rework.org…is it currently available?

      • LtCol Eugene B Richardson, BA, M.Div., EdM, MS
        LtCol Eugene B Richardson, BA, M.Div., EdM, MS  October 7, 2016

        Dottie: We have in our plans to stream the DVD on our website and hopefully this will happen soon.

  4. arab akmouche  April 16, 2015

    thank you your dvd


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